2 ) The Fund


The Fund is a venture capital Fund focused on Telecommunication, web infrastructure and Healthcare solutions at an early stage. The Fund provides seed capital to nascent start-ups with the aim of making high returns on investments. The investment horizon of the Fundís venture investments are 2 to 3 years. The Fund plans on investing in 4 to 6 companies, with a $250,000 to $750,000 participation in each. The actual size of the Fund is $1 million. The exit strategy can be an IPO, a merger or a sale. The success fee is 20% and the management fee is 1%.

(Appendix at Oral Presentation)




Company 1

The company 1 is an enhanced communication software company that develops intelligent messaging and real-time communication utilities for carriers, service providers, portals and enterprises.


Company 2

The company 2 is an Internet Application Service Provider supporting the targeted distribution of information to and from the key players in the healthcare delivery chain, including health plans and care providing organizations.  Its services are aimed to increase the delivery, efficiency and performance of fundamental healthcare requirements such as intervention and disease management programs, evidence-based medicine, therapeutic compliance and patient participation. 


Company 3

The company 3 is a leading developer of systems for determining the location of wireless communications devices. The company believes that its patented location technology will be a leading solution for wireless network operators and other constituencies involved in the introduction of enhanced 911 Service ("E911") as well as the deployment of other newly enabled location dependent services.


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