3 ) Tasks and duties (3)


As the daily management of the Funds belongs to the venture capital company, I have been working partly for the Fund.

a)      Year-end and Quarterly reports

I participated in the realization of the report of presentation of the Fundís performance to the investors, on an annual and quarterly basis. It includes Comments from the General Partners, Valuation Methodology, Fund performance details and Profile of current investments. An English and a French version were edited.

(Appendix at Oral Presentation)

b)      Management of current investments

It includes calculation of the number of authorized, issued and outstanding shares, preferred and common, calculation of the dilution, calculation of the capital raised and of the valuation pre- and post-money, analysis of the amount offered for convertible notes and simulation calculations.

c)      Administrative and phone duties

Day to day management includes phone communication with investors, clients, investee companies representatives and suppliers.


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