2 ) The venture capital company



That company provides seed capital for start-ups through private investment partnerships, raises funds for the following rounds of financing, provides incubation services and serves as a consultant.

Founded in 1998, the company focuses on the information technology and life sciences industries to take advantage of the specialized experience, skills and relationship network of its Manager and partners.

The Founder and Manager of the company is responsible for investment decisions including day-to-day management of the Company.

Located in San Francisco, the company has built an extensive network of professionals on the West Coast and the Bay Area, a hub for U.S. technology and venture finance.



The company serves as a value-added partner, and in certain circumstances as the lead investor, bringing proactive board participation, forming strategic partnerships and recruiting other value-added equity investors.



- Market size over a billion dollar a year

- Market share: potential to be leader in the concerned market

- Management: experienced team, intimate knowledge of their market

- Technical founders: accomplished experience, knowledge recognized in the past

- Competitive advantage: essential and demonstrative competitive advantage

- Product: innovating product, or new features attached to an existing product, or again new production process

- Technical, legal, organizational advisors: team work with advisors

- Geography: Bay Area, and especially San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Telecom Valley

-Amount of investment: from $250,000 to $750,000




Company 1

The company 1 is an enhanced communication software company that develops intelligent messaging and real-time communication utilities for carriers, service providers, portals and enterprises.


The company 1 provides a suite of open platform applications that facilitates communications for remote and mobile employees, customers and vendors. These solutions are designed to eliminate the frustration factor in “a day in the life of the unpredictable”. The company 1’s patent-pending intelligent application provides the Ultimate Service Experience in enhanced communications, messaging, schedules, directories and data over the most available device, telephone or computer. The company 1’s Digital Dashboard allows complete control of all communication without loading another software program or a web browser. MagNetPoint also provides secure success and delivery of enterprise or public information.


Recent Developments:

The company 1 closed its “B.” Round financing. 1,547,414 shares were being offered. The company 1 also issued a warrants coverage to another company, the sole investor in the “B.” Round. An additional credit convertible is currently under negotiation. The company 1 expects to finalize and close the agreement by June 30th.



It is the intention of the Company to pursue an S1 Filing by the first quarter of 2001.


Company 2

The company 2 is an Internet Application Service Provider supporting the targeted distribution of information to and from the key players in the healthcare delivery chain, including health plans and care providing organizations.  Its services are aimed to increase the delivery, efficiency and performance of fundamental healthcare requirements such as intervention and disease management programs, evidence-based medicine, therapeutic compliance and patient participation.


The company 2 completed a seed round in November 1999 and raised close to $ 1 million.  It is the intention of the company to raise a more substantial “A.” round during Q3 of 2000.


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